Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Penang: Random Sights

Here are some random photos of Penang.

some temple near the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. cool roof design!

Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. so beautiful!

St. George's Church - oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia

Francis Light Memorial in St. George's Church

signboards in Campbell St

3D wine bottles on pillar

old provision shop

a very bright building


Love Lane

brokenhearted in Love Lane

Penang: State Museum

We went to the Penang State Museum on Wednesday afternoon. After seeing something as well-maintained as the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the museum is a bit of a letdown. The building itself is not in great condition and the exhibits are a bit tired-looking. In one of the rooms, an information board had fallen off and was simply left to lean on the wall.

The entrance fee is only RM1 and there are a few interesting things to see there but I think improvement works are overdue. Anya was quite happy running around pointing at everything and asking “What’s this??” every few seconds though.

Penang State Museum

old funicular railway car

old lorry and Rolls Royce

Peranakan bedroom

old kopi tiam


Penang: Dim Sum at Tho Yuen Restaurant

We went to Tho Yuen at Campbell St for a dim sum breakfast on Wednesday. We were there quite late in the morning so there wasn’t much dim sum left but whatever we had was yummy. The old-fashioned interior of Tho Yuen really reminded me of the shophouse that I grew up in.

Tho Yuen

lots of natural light from the air well

waiting for food

pouring tea

some dim sum

chicken feet and a pork bun

baked and fried things

Penang: Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant

We had dinner at Bali Hai along Gurney Drive. It’s quite a touristy place and it was nice and bustling even at 9pm. The food was good, service fast and it’s not expensive so no complaints!

Bali Hai

crowded even at 9pm

lots of seafood

lobsters galore

Vonnie's favourite

trying to shut Auntie Lisa up

my loving husband and obedient daughter

phone addicts

kang kong

clams in a super yummy sambal sauce

steamed prawns with garlic

chilli crabs