Daily Archives: March 19, 2012

Green Living Workshop: How to Create a Non-Toxic Home

Last Thursday, Juan and I attended a Green Living workshop by Delphinia of Four Cow Farm and Militza of Our Little Green Dot. The workshop was conducted over coffee and cookies at the cosy little Smitten.

We looked at the ingredients found in common household cleaners and their impact on our health and the Earth. I really felt like rushing home and throwing away all the detergents and sprays and whatnots in my home!

We also made some natural cleaners with baking soda and vinegar. I’ve tried using my lemon vinegar to clean Anya’s grubby Trunki and it was very effective! I’ve also used my peppermint-scented baking soda to clean a dubious smelling water bottle and it’s now squeaky clean and completely odourless. The workshop was so interesting and I learnt many useful things. Hope they’ll conduct another one soon!

my first visit to Smitten

saw a familiar face in the cafe!

cute menu and condiments holder

the set-up for the workshop


and some light bites

Delphinia and Militza

fruits of my labour

with Juan and Veraday