Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate!

We went to watch Disney On Ice last Friday. I’m glad we decided not to get the rinkside seats because we had a pretty great view from where we were and our tickets were much more affordable. Good that we saved some money on the tickets because Anya became obsessed with some ridiculously expensive spinning light that she could see some of the other kids holding and she managed to con her daddy into buying it for her during the interval.

The show was quite entertaining even though Anya kept asking, “Where’s Mickey Mouse??” whenever her favourite character was not in the rink. She didn’t really care for the segment with all the Disney villains and she’s not into the Disney princesses yet (Thank God!) so mainly the bits with Mickey, Minnie and friends held her attention.


birthday celebration with Alice and gang

Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey and the dancing brooms

the princesses celebrating Valentine's Day

celebrating Halloween with Jack Skellington

silly spinning light

surely not a good idea to set the ice on fire?!

dragon on ice

Christmas time!

the finale

after the show


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