Daily Archives: March 23, 2012

Ah Ma’s 80th Birthday Celebration

My grandma turns 80 today (according to her Chinese birthday) and we celebrated last Sunday evening at Bee Heong Palace Restaurant. We had simple Hokkien fare and also ordered some longevity peach buns and mee sua to mark the occasion.

The restaurant was quite noisy which was a good thing because the six little kids were all over the place! Selena had to fish out crayons, stickers and a whole bunch of things to entertain them with from her magic bag. The kids were really restless and as the evening wore on, they got more cranky. But it was nice to have everybody gathered in one place.

longevity peach buns that the kids loved

old school cold dish with century egg, jellyfish and hae zou

big pomfret

wobbly sea cucumber

cereal prawns

fortune chicken


Anya thinks her face is a sticker album

Heather and Anya in their Elly dresses

with Ellery, Asher and Adam

the daughters

the grandchildren

all of us (and the wriggling kids)