Daily Archives: March 27, 2012


Brought the kids to ACJC Fun-O-Rama on Saturday. Wanted to go in the morning but had a workshop to attend so only made it there about 1.30pm. It was blazing hot and very crowded. So thankful that Vonnie was there to help me with the kids and to play games with Anya cos Adrian could only meet us there later.

I guess it has become a habit for me to attend Fun-O-Rama every other year. I started going to Fun-O-Rama in 1994! I usually head straight to Scone Cafe in LT3 then go to the hall and spend all my money on overpriced souvenirs. This year, I bought a red iPhone cover and a smiley plugy. But now Anya is old enough to play games so I can’t stick to the air-conditioned areas anymore!!

what to play?

throwing balls into a 'toilet bowl'

rolling ball game

throwing balls into a hoop


cool Angry Birds game with really long queue

Scone Cafe

random dance item

high five!

drinks in AC colours

Adrian and Deets in non-AC colours

Von and Deets

corporate gifts in the hall

overpriced souvenirs

us with Smiley

Von and I