Daily Archives: March 29, 2012

Anya’s New Haircut

Anya can be quite a difficult child and when she decides to be disagreeable, she can REALLY get on my nerves and test my patience. Fortunately, she doesn’t ever give any trouble when it comes to getting a haircut. She will sit in the chair very obediently without moving and she will close her eyes or lower her head when she’s asked to do so. No distractions are needed. We don’t have to show her a cartoon or give her stickers or let her sit in a chair disguised as a kiddy ride. So that’s at least one thing to be grateful for!

We decided to get her long hair cut short because it’s always sticking to her neck and face when she gets sweaty which is 80% of the time. Also, Adrian has to get her ready for school in the morning and he doesn’t know how to tie her hair so she goes to school looking very scruffy. So I brought her to Jean Yip to get a haircut since I have a package there that I hardly use. She’s liking her new hair so far and we like it too!

looking very serious

being Sadako

getting her fringe trimmed

not sure if she likes her new look