Reflections for Anya’s Thirty-Sixth Month

you and your gummy bear moustache!

My dearest Anya, this post is three weeks belated! I had so much that I wanted to say that I wasn’t able to find enough time to collect my thoughts about what to write and so I’m now swinging to the other extreme and talking about the most superficial things instead.

In the final month before your 3rd birthday,  I ran away to New York for 10 days. It was a really good break for me but I missed you and your brother terribly the entire time. Your daddy said you missed me very much too. You started swimming lessons with your cousins this month and cried the entire time during the first lesson but now you seem quite happy to go for class every week. I think you really enjoy being able to hang out and play with your cousins every week.

This month, we celebrated Sophia’s birthday a week before we celebrated yours. You had a lot of fun at that party what with the playgrounds and the swimming pool. You went to watch We’re Going On A Bear Hunt with your daddy and I brought you to watch Three Little Pigs. We spent some time preparing for your birthday and you celebrated your birthday with your classmates in school for the very first time!

I promise to do a proper update when I can but there’s always so much going on that I feel I’ll never be able to catch up! Love you, sweetie! :)

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