Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Reflections for Adam’s Seventh Month

your default pose - always chewing on something

Dear little Adam, this post for your 7th month is almost 2 weeks belated. I returned from New York on the day you became 6 months old. This month was our final month together before I went back to work but we didn’t really get to do anything special. In fact, the attention was mostly on your sister because of her birthday celebrations. We even went to Penang without you!

But please know that we don’t take you for granted and we know we are so blessed to have a second child with such a sweet nature. You sleep better than your sister and you’re not fussy about your food. You are willing to sit quietly and wait and not scream for attention. However, you have been falling ill quite often with all the germs that your sister keeps bringing home with her. :(

This month, you perfected your flipping to the point that we need to ensure you don’t roll off the bed. You are still working on sitting upright. Sometimes I worry (who am I kidding?! I worry ALL the time!) that your motor skills are not developing as quickly as other kids your age but I know you’ll be fine in your own time.

Your daddy doesn’t like it when I call you a sweetheart (something about it being unmanly) but you really are my darling little sweetheart. Love you!