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Maison Ikkoku

I accompanied some students to Kampong Glam last Thursday and after they were done and dismissed, I went to Maison Ikkoku to mark and wait for Adrian to pick me. It’s a lovely little place with good coffee.

how beautiful is that building??

framed coffee sacks

looking out

I wanted to try all the desserts!

iced latte

insalata caprese

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Von and I went to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum on Wednesday. I thought the recreations of the cabins and the grand staircase were very cool but my favourite bits were the stories and the personal items of the various passengers. It was especially sad to read about the people who weren’t even supposed to be on the Titanic in the first place but ended up on the ship for whatever reason and then went down with the ship. I also enjoyed learning about how they carried out the dives to recover the various artifacts from the wreck of the Titanic.

I really liked the boarding pass we were given at the start of the exhibition. The boarding pass was in the name of a particular passenger and at the end, we could check if that passenger featured on our boarding pass survived the sinking of the Titanic. Mine was 19 year old Kate Florence Phillips who was eloping with a married man. He didn’t survive but she did and later discovered she was pregnant with his child who was conceived aboard the Titanic!

We also went to see Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal and that’s quite an interesting exhibition that’s worth checking out as well. I’m looking forward to the Harry Potter exhibition starting in June!

first time at the ArtScience Museum

another shot of the exterior

origami boat

we survived the Titanic sinking!

Von checking out the photos we took at the Andy Warhol exhibition

Notepad Fabric Wristlet from Etsy

I super love my new customised hand-embroidered notebook fabric wristlet from Etsy! I love that the font for my name looks like it could very possibly be my handwriting. I love the embroidered paper plane on the other side. I love the paper planes fabric used for the strap and the inside. I love that the cloth is of such good quality and that the entire thing is so well-made. I love that I can fit everything I need inside. And I love that the seller is local! :)



Michelle’s 1st month & Lucas’s 4th Birthday Celebrations

We went over to Adrian’s cousin’s place on Sunday to celebrate sweet little Baby Michelle’s 1st month and Lucas’s 4th birthday. Lucas is a really smart kid and can recite the 三字经 from memory! And he knows all the Chinese characters that make up the 三字经. Amazing. I can’t even read all the characters, not to mention memorise the entire thing.

So for the occasion, they got a 三字经 cake. Definitely the first time I’ve seen that at a kid’s party! Anya was quite happy to jump on the trampoline in the backyard the whole time but Adam was quite cranky because he was hot, tired and hungry.

三字经 cake!

the happy Lohs

poor crying Deets (see his two little teeth??)

Anya and Auntie Fifi on the trampoline

Music Evolved

Music Evolved

On Saturday, we went to watch Music Evolved featuring Classycool and presented by Act 3 International. Since Adrian’s the musical one in the family and I have zero musical talent, he accompanied Anya while Deets and I went to grab a bite.

Music Evolved is a kid-friendly classical string quartet concert. According to Adrian, it was a very good performance but maybe a little bit much for the younger kids like Anya. The older kids were enjoying themselves though.

I really hope that Anya has inherited some musicality from her father! I guess we’ll find out when she goes for her Yamaha Music Wonderland trial class this weekend.

Anya’s School Excursion – Tekka Market

The second half of the school excursion was conducted at Tekka Market. I grew up in Little India so I used to go to Tekka Market very often with my grandma. It was nice to be able to visit the market with Anya. The stallholders were really friendly and accommodating. They gave the kids free samples and even brought out various sea creatures for the kids to look at.

assembling at the front of the market

a butcher

freshly grated coconut


the kids were given mango to eat

guava apples: look & feel like apples, taste like guava. nice!

dinosaur eggs??


a stingray for the kids to look at

that's as close as she was willing to get to the shark


aspiring vegetable seller

Happy Meal back at school *raised eyebrow*

Anya’s School Excursion – Sheng Siong Supermarket

Anya’s class went on an excursion on Wednesday. The first stop was Sheng Siong Supermarket. Anya goes to the supermarket quite often but I think she was really happy and excited to be there with her classmates.

on the travelator

checking out the capsicums

I choose you!

apples that smell and taste like grapes!

Anya Papaya

more apples

longan face

reaching for some mushrooms

confusing sign


live ones too!

admiring the mini roses

a picture with some classmates