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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Goody Bags

Mickey and Minnie goody bags

This is quite a random post but someone asked me about the Mickey and Minnie Mouse goody bags that I made for Anya’s birthday party so I decided to record it here in case anyone else is interested. I actually wanted to buy the goody bags and a banner from Etsy but found the shipping charges too high so I decided to make my own.

The main problem would be finding the black lunch bags. I bought mine in a shop selling envelopes and such in New York. Haven’t seen anything similar in Singapore although brown lunch bags are pretty common and easy to find. Would be very grateful if anyone can tell me where to buy black lunch bags here! I’ve seen black bags made of glossy cardboard but I don’t like those because I think they are too fancy.

A metal ruler, penknife and cutting board are essential for cutting the rectangles for the body and red bits and a pair of compasses for the circle ears. If you have a round object exactly in the size you want, like a glass or something, that would work too. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of cutting the bows for the Minnie bags, white polka-dotted red ribbons would do as well.

I went to various locations to find the items for the goody bags. The mini chocolate chip cookies are from one of the party shops along Middle Road (ICB Enterprise House). The crayons are from Chin Giap Soon at The Verge. You can find A LOT of party stuff at Chin Giap Soon. These shops used to be from the Concourse I believe. I bought the stickers from Cold Storage but I’ve seen them at many stationery shops. The stamps are from Mini Toons and the pinball game from Toys R Us.

There’s a party supplies shop at Rocher Centre with a good range of balloons and other party things. I visited a shop selling lots of Disney things in Plaza Singapura but the things are quite expensive. Another shop for Disney items is MCKY at nex. And of course there are the party stores at Holland Village, Raffles City, Centrepoint, Great World City, etc. that all carry Mickey Mouse items.

all the things I used for the bags


a Mickey bag

a Minnie bag