Late Plate at Shaw Foundation Alumni House, NUS

Good news for those living near NUS! You can get all-day breakfast at Late Plate, a cafe at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. We made a trip there on Saturday and even though it was after 12.30pm, I managed to have an Eggs Benedict and Adrian got his usual breakfast fry-up.

The Eggs Benedict on Kalamata rosemary scones with citron hollandaise was yummy. I had mine with lamb prosciutto. I really liked the texture and fragrance of the scone although the dish started to feel a wee bit rich towards the end.

Adrian had a chef’s fry-up with bacon and scrambled eggs. Everything on it was good and the potato croquettes were so nicely crisp on the outside and deliciously creamy on the inside.

There’s lots of parking available outside Temasek Hall and I’m keen to try the non-breakfast items on the menu so I think we’ll be back soon. :)

Late Plate

menu on the walls

random upside down plant hanging from ceiling

Anya setting the table

apple juice

latte and cute sugar dispenser

Eggs Benedict

Chef's Fry-Up

the kids

trying to kiss her brother


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