Changi Getaway – SingKids PlaySystem at Terminal 3

We stayed over at Changi Village hotel again for the Easter long weekend. The last time we were there was in August during the National Day break about a week before I delivered Adam. Before checking in on Friday afternoon, we went to the airport to play and have lunch.

Anya wanted to play at SingKids and it was $18 for an hour since it was a public holiday. It’s usually $18 for two hours. I didn’t like the place because it’s REALLY small and there were just way too many kids in that tiny place. Parental supervision is required but there were many rowdy kids running around and their parents were nowhere in sight. Didn’t see any of the staff walking around to keep an eye on things either.

Anya got bored after about 45 minutes and the rowdy boys running around like deranged monkeys really put her off. In comparison, she can play for 2 hours at an indoor playground like Amazonia or an outdoor free playground like the one at Food for Thought and still want to play some more.

SingKids PlaySystem

little racing track

bouncy area

small room with huge balloons

revolving coconut tree

jungle gym

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