Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Changi Getaway – Village People

I was looking forward to eating beef noodles and chicken cutlet hor fun at the Changi Village food centre but realised when we got there that the place is closed for upgrading till next year! Argh. We made do with some pretty decent dim sum and satay near the hotel. My folks came over to hang out so I had a second dinner with them and the kids while Adrian chilled in the hotel.

My mum and I are great fans of mutton soup so we tried the one that relocated from the food centre to one of the coffee shops. It was called Hougang Mutton Soup Old Airport Rd or something and had some articles on display. It was awful. The soup was flavourless and tasted mainly of soya sauce.

We walked around Changi Village for a bit after dinner but there were so many people smoking that it wasn’t very pleasant. :( I’m all for banning smoking in public areas!

kids rolling around on the bed

chomping on a truck

evening stroll

smiling at daddy

pretending to be asleep to escape his sister?

didn't work!

chee cheong fun monster in action

strange slanty photo of me

second dinner

kiddy ride time