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Changi Getaway – The Coastal Settlement

We went to The Coastal Settlement for lunch on Sunday since it’s just a stone’s throw from Changi Village Hotel. I’d made reservations for 5 adults and told them that I needed two baby chairs, but when we got there, they wanted to give us two separate tables which we found very strange. Then they tried to get us to sit at one end of a longish rectangle table even though a corner of it was sort of blocked by a group at the table beside it.

The Coastal Settlement is a pleasant enough place with lots of greenery outside. However, the inside of the restaurant felt somewhat dark and oppressive with little natural light. Would have liked to sit outside but it was blazing hot plus there were people smoking. I was expecting to see more coast but the name of the place is misleading in this aspect. There are some very interesting vintage furniture and decorative items thrown together but the overall effect is more karang guni than quirky eclectic.

The food is decent but on the expensive side. For example, my mushroom soup was $14(!) and the fish & chips were $26. They were a bit heavy-handed with the truffle oil for my mushroom soup so it was quite overwhelming. The Coastal Settlement is a pretty nice place but I probably wouldn’t go again because it’s really far for me and way too pricey for my liking.

The Coastal Settlement

lots of greenery

bar inside

our table

Deets eating some blueberry mush

mushroom pasta

fish soup

fish and chips

mushroom soup

Deets in an old-fashioned chair

the wheels on the bus...aren't going anywhere!