Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa

We managed to get an invitation to the opening of Port of Lost Wonder on Saturday and we had a blast! POLW is Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach and is the latest attraction on Sentosa. There’s a wet playground, picnic areas, sand play, a restaurant, a retail shop and many other activities for kids.

I really like that there’s proper food to eat which is something you don’t always get at a kids’ attraction. In fact, you can even get a picnic basket set from the Port Belly restaurant and find a nice shady area to enjoy your meal. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because you can find whatever you need at the retail shop Just Wonder. It carries on the nautical/ pirate theme and also sells traditional toys and games!

Anya’s favourite bits were the pirate ship water playground and the sand play area. She was nervous about trying the spiral slides at the pirate ship so we stuck to the little red slides, but she had a blast pulling on ropes, turning wheels and splashing water at Auntie Vonnie and me. And I think if we let her, she would have been happy to play in the sand for HOURS. I like that there’s a tap at the sand area although it wasn’t working that day, but I’m sure they’ll get that sorted out soon.

I’m so glad we had such glorious weather and that we were just about ready to go by the time  the dark clouds started rolling in. I can’t wait to bring the kids there again and it’s great to have another attraction to visit the next time we have a Sentosa getaway!

Port of Lost Wonder

a big red man welcomed us 

curio coins and port pass

first glimpse of the pirate ship

buffet of goodies for the little ones

Just Wonder

Port Belly

pots and planks

foam party!

lovely shaded area for picnics

to the pirate ship!

water fun


pulling the rope for more water

sand play

skull and bones

time to hit the piratey showers!


10 thoughts on “Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa

  1. motherkao

    Any number of adults can accompany the child/children? Was trying to find out more info about the admission rates and came across your blog! Lucky you, got invited!

    1. delphine Post author

      I managed to get the invite through the Twitter promo! Don’t think there’s a limit to the number of adults who can accompany the kid. It’s great fun! $8 on weekdays and $15 on weekends.

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