Daily Archives: April 21, 2012

Reflections for Adam’s Eighth Month

I love your smile!

My dear Deets, you are 8 months old! It was a pretty eventful month for us. For starters, I went back to work. It was hard getting used to not seeing you as much as I’d like. Thankfully, you are in the very capable hands of your Ah Ma so I don’t have to worry about you while I’m at work.

This month, you made quite a bit of progress physically. You can sit up quite firmly, pull yourself up to a standing position and propel yourself all around the bed in a worm-like fashion. You also managed to produce two little teeth! That’s one thing that you are doing earlier than your sister did.

You didn’t put on much weight this month because you fell sick a couple of times. Your sister keeps bringing potent germs home! I just hope that falling sick so often will help build up your immune system so that you’ll be strong and healthy when you eventually start going to school! At least you are eating well and more keen on vegetables than your sister was/ is/ will ever be. Food is important to you and it’s amusing to watch you getting frantic when we take too long to feed you.

Since you were sick a few times this month, you didn’t go out very much. But you went to your first ACJC Fun O Rama! We also stayed at Changi Village Hotel over the Good Friday/ Easter weekend and you visited Pulau Ubin for the first time.

Try not to grow up too quickly, my sweet baby boy. I love you so very much!