Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

Michelle’s 1st month & Lucas’s 4th Birthday Celebrations

We went over to Adrian’s cousin’s place on Sunday to celebrate sweet little Baby Michelle’s 1st month and Lucas’s 4th birthday. Lucas is a really smart kid and can recite the 三字经 from memory! And he knows all the Chinese characters that make up the 三字经. Amazing. I can’t even read all the characters, not to mention memorise the entire thing.

So for the occasion, they got a 三字经 cake. Definitely the first time I’ve seen that at a kid’s party! Anya was quite happy to jump on the trampoline in the backyard the whole time but Adam was quite cranky because he was hot, tired and hungry.

三字经 cake!

the happy Lohs

poor crying Deets (see his two little teeth??)

Anya and Auntie Fifi on the trampoline