Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Ballet Trial Class and Fun Mosaic

Anya has a silver-gray ballet skirt that she loves to wear and she likes to prance and spin around whenever she’s wearing it. So I brought her to a baby ballet trial class with Attitude Performing Arts Studio on Saturday but it didn’t go so well. She refused to join in even though (or maybe because?) there were only 5 girls in the class. The instructor tried to encourage her to participate but she just wanted to sit at the back and watch. To be honest, I’m quite glad she wasn’t that keen because I’m not fond of ballet and I think there’s just too much pink involved.

After the trial class, we walked around a bit and she decided to make a mosaic at Fun Mosaic. She picked out an egg shape to work on (she loves eggs) and was very happy. There was no particular order or plan to her mosaic design but the final product looks quite pretty. She chose sand grouting instead of water grouting because she didn’t want to wait a few days before she could collect her mosaic. I think the water mosaic looks better but kids are all for instant gratification. I’m tempted to go back to the shop on my own to work on a mosaic piece because I think it’s quite a therapeutic activity!

taking a peek before her trial class

some sample pieces

bits and pieces of every shape and colour

working on her egg

everything stuck on and waiting for grouting

applying the sand grouting