Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

FFT with the Gang

Adrian was away over the weekend so Anya and I went to Food For Thought at Botanic Gardens on Saturday evening to hang out with some of my friends. Lugged along her skate scooter as well and she had a good time zipping around and the other kids got to play on it too. Juan and Hwee Lee are currently on holiday so we brought Sam and Dan out with us with Juan’s helper to help us.

We had a really good time playing and feeding the fish although I got quite mad with Anya who spilt two drinks while we were there with the second drink (chocolate milk!) getting all over my clothes, bag, wallet, etc. and I yelled at her. Felt bad after I cooled down but explained to her why I got so angry and we were reconciled by bedtime.


for the kids

mad child on the loose

scooting around

feeding the fish

off to feed the big fish!

distracted by monitor lizard

Ah Fia