Daily Archives: May 4, 2012

Yamaha Music Wonderland Trial Lesson

Yamaha was holding free trial lessons over the weekend in conjunction with its Piano Fair 2012 so we signed up for and attended the Music Wonderland class for 3-year-olds. The lesson was conducted in one of the rooms at Suntec Convention Centre and consisted of a small group of about 7 children.

The lesson started with the parent and child facing each other, shaking their hands and swinging their arms in time to a welcome song. Then, we gathered in front to listen to a story about a car. The story was set to cheery music and accompanied by a series of colourful illustrated cards. The kids were encouraged to drive along to the music and honk at appropriate moments.

Finally, we sat in front of the electone and the kids were allowed to touch the instrument at last! I think they had been itching to make some noise since the beginning of the class. So with the parent guiding the child’s hand, the child had to make honking sounds on the electone in time to the music.

It was a fun class and Anya definitely liked it more than the ballet class that we attended the day before that. After the class, she was very excited to see an apple mascot outside and insisted on taking photos with it. We haven’t decided if we’re going to register with Yamaha yet because the husband wants to look into some other music classes for children before he makes up his mind. But Anya says she wants to go again!

“Is this thing turned on?”

finally allowed to make some noise on the electone

with the apple mascot