Daily Archives: May 6, 2012

Anya & Adam at the Istana

We went to the Istana on Labour Day! It has become a tradition for me to bring Anya to the Istana open house on 1st May and this was her third time there. Adam came along with us (the last time around he was still a foetus) and we were joined by Auntie Vonnie who was there to provide her much-needed babysitting services.

We had really great weather while we were there and Anya had lots of fun at the play area and the fountain. Adam was quite happy chilling on the picnic mat for a while but got a bit cranky towards the end. It was a fun day and we’ll be back again next year!

breakfast at Plaza Singapura

we bought chopsticks and a water bottle

running to the play area

trying to escape

lots of things to climb

sliding down the elephant

with Auntie Vonnie

Anya the treehugger

two kids on the tembusu

getting a green pig on her arm

trying to get near the cannon!

at the fountain

with the kiddos (look at Adam’s grouchy face)

getting his toes wet

dancing by the fountain

our usual shot with the guard

Links to Anya’s first and second time at the Istana. See how much she has grown!