Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

POLW again!

We went to Port of Lost Wonder again on Saturday and it was the third time for Anya and me. It was the first visit for the boys and it was just really nice to play and picnic together as a family. I decided to get the annual membership during the 20% off promotion period and I think it’s really worth it! The membership comes with a free hooded towel worth about $20 and a free kids’ meal for every adult meal.

Anya had a lot of fun as usual and Adrian persuaded her to go down the curvy blue slide (something I didn’t manage to do on our last 2 visits!). After that, she went down that slide over and over again. I bumped into Susan, a fellow blogger mum, at POLW and we chatted for a bit. Adam wasn’t crazy about the wet playground and fell asleep on the picnic mat after his bath but I think he was just happy to be out and about.

laughing buddha pose

the 3As at the pirate ship: Arr, Arr, Arrrr!!

trying to figure out a fountain

an octupus!

it’s just Anya!

looking at his sister

wonder what they are chatting about

with Susan & Sophie

chomping on his biscuit

dancing to a Hi-5 song

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