First Parent-Teacher a Parent!

Anya brought her report book home the other day (yes, 3-year-old kids get report books too!) and she seems to be doing okay in school. I didn’t record down the teachers’ comments but I remember something about her being bubbly and energetic and that she likes to relate her personal experiences. The teachers also commented that she enjoys helping her classmates and teachers and always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I think it probably means that she cannot sit still, is talkative and is also a little busybody. Haha.

I attended a PTM at her school on Friday and it was nice being the parent and not the teacher for once. They mentioned that Anya’s fine motor skills are pretty good and that she demonstrates leadership qualities. She also likes to look through the books in the little library that they have in the classroom whenever she gets a chance.

The teachers were a bit concerned that Anya seems to be less boisterous in school these days, takes a longer time to warm up and is not always eager to join in. I think it’s because I’ve gone back to work and my mum is looking after both kids so she’s probably not getting as much attention as she’s used to. We decided that it would help for her to get to school earlier to play and socialise with her classmates. Currently, Adrian brings her to school rather late and by the time she gets there, playtime is over.

I’m glad that the school holidays are coming soon so I can spend more quality one-on-one time with her! Really want her to know that she’s still extremely special and precious to us even though her little brother is in the picture.

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