At The Science Centre

After the PTM on Friday, I brought Anya to the Science Centre and we met up with Selena and her kids there. It was Anya’s first time there and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time because we only managed to cover a small bit despite being there for about 4 hours!

We started at the Optical Illusions section and Anya had great fun seeing her head on a plate. Then we watched the Tesla Coil demonstration and she was amazed by the sight of balloons bursting into flames after being zapped.

We had a bite at McDonald’s then spent some time at the area outdoors and in the gift shop before going to WaterWorks to play.¬†After getting the kids good and tired, we went to see the fire tornado show and then made our way home!

greeted by a dinosaur

thinking out of the box

looking up to see herself “inside” the box

fascinated by the spinning zoetrope

what’s for lunch??

making noise

spinning the wheel

mesmerised by this Gravitram for a long time

hot air balloon that actually floats up!

staring at the fire tornado

quite an impressive sight!

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