Madang Korean Restaurant

There are several Korean restaurants in the Upp Bt Timah area and we tried a new one last Monday since the husband was craving bibimbap. Madang Korean Restaurant is located at Goh & Goh Building opposite Cheong Chin Nam Rd and is currently partially hidden by the ongoing MRT construction.

The place is owned by Koreans and the waiters are Korean too. Although the menu is in English, there aren’t any descriptions included so you really have to know the name of what you want to eat. Fortunately, we were just ordering bibimbap so we didn’t have too much trouble.

The bibimbap was yummy and full of vegetables so we felt really good about ourselves as we were eating. It’s definitely a place we plan to return to but I’d better brush up on my knowledge of Korean food before we go again! I really want to try the BBQ meat the next time.

pretty decal on the wall

lots of side dishes


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