Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

Cold Storage Kids Run 2012

Anya and Adrian took part in the Cold Storage Kids Run on Sunday morning but we definitely didn’t have as much fun as we had last year! We walked over from Funan Centre where we had parked and didn’t have much time before we had to report for the race. Anya really enjoyed taking photos with mascots before the race last year so we tried to find some to take photos with but the Singapura Finance one turned us away and the Colgate mascots simply couldn’t look in the right direction!

So we gave up and Adrian and Anya went to report for the race while Adam and I went to position ourselves at an appropriate location to wait for the two of them to run past. While waiting for them, we sought refuge in the shade of a generator opposite the City Hall building. That was literally the only patch of shade available! I saw a few people casting me envious glances as they waited for their family members to run past. Even though we were not in direct sunlight, it was still ridiculously hot and we were melting!

Adrian and Anya were in the 3rd wave for their category so they had to wait under the scorching hot sun for quite a long time before finally being flagged off. By that time, Anya was wilting and very grouchy. She didn’t want to run and was being extremely whiny the entire time. I tried to be as encouraging as possible but I eventually lost my temper with her because she dragged her feet the whole way, refused to run even a single step and just kept whining about wanting a drink that was not water! ARGH!

By the time she crossed the finish line, she was in tears and I was in a very bad mood and Adrian was also losing his cool. We left quickly and made our way back to Funan where we bought cold drinks. After cooling down, I had a good talk with her and we were reconciled. Really don’t know if I’ll sign her up next year unless she really, really wants to take part! I think they should provide some shade for spectators and reduce the amount of time that the competitors have to wait in the hot sun!!

poor guy in Appleton costume must have suffered heatstroke

bouncy castle that we didn’t have time for

Adrian and a wilted Anya

an encouraging bunch of cheerleaders

not satisfied with water

crossing the finish line in tears

getting her medal