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Singapore Arts Festival 2012: Kids Arts Village

We went to check out the Kids Arts Village at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 Festival Village at Esplanade Park on Friday. We started with Tangle, an interactive theatre experience for children by Polyglot Theatre. The children were each given a ball of elastic string and encouraged to weave and tie the string around the poles, creating a visual arts installation. Performers known as Weavers move within that space and interact with the children and their string creation.

on our way to the village

where do we go from here?

Festival Village


the Weavers

interacting with the kids

all tied up

kids running wild

Anya really enjoyed winding the ball of string around. The problem was that she enjoyed it so much that she got horrendously upset when she couldn’t get another ball of string after using up hers and she threw an epic tantrum. Of course, I told her she was behaving badly and then refused to entertain her until she had worked through her rage and sobbingly asked for hugs. Sigh. Fortunately, after she had calmed down, we manage to enjoy the rest of the activities in the Kids Village.

The next activity we tried out was UV Art. The kids painted monsters on a piece of paper using florescent paint and were then brought into a UV-lit dark room to transfer their monsters onto a wall full of glowing creatures. Very cool! The paint had a very strong odour which made me feel a wee bit sick though!

painting monsters

check out her very unusual monster

pointing out her favourite monster in the room

Our next activity was Fest Goes Green where the kids recycled used and unwanted materials by making them into hats and other items. After that, we contributed to an artwork for a welfare home at Splash Art. Anya drew a flower which she then pasted onto a piece of art.

working on her hat

trying it on for size

very pleased

picking an excerpt to base her drawing on

I have created art!

After all that time under the sun, we popped into the Festival Cafe to cool down with some mint ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles and M&Ms. Then we caught a The Young Ones! Performance Showcase production at the Main Stage. The one we watched was ‘The Legends of Sisters’ Islands’ by Jun Yuan Secondary School. The performance was okay but the sound system wasn’t working very well so it was quite hard to follow. It was nice sitting out there on a picnic mat but Anya was more interested in digging in the sand instead of watching the show!

Festival Cafe

watching The Legend of Sisters’ Islands

sand-covered child

not quite sure what she’s trying to do here

On the whole, I think we had a great time despite her meltdown in the earlier part. She says she wants to do the string activity again (but without getting angry) and I would really like to bring her to the Kids Arts Village one more time before it ends if I can!

The Festival Village is open from 4pm-12am (Sun-Thu) and 4pm-1am (Fri-Sat) until 2 June. Tangle takes place at 4pm, 5pm and 6.30pm. Registration required. The other Kids Arts Village activities are from 4pm-8pm. There are also Spooky Stories by Children on 1 & 2 June from 9-10pm.