Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

Singapore Arts Festival 2012: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Photo Credit: Tom Kincaid

I don’t have time to watch very many things these days but I really wanted to catch The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle because I’m quite fond of Haruki Murakami books. I almost didn’t go in the end because I was frightfully tired that day and I really had to drag myself down to the Esplanade. I’m glad I caught the production because it was visually quite stunning and I loved the use of the light/ shadows and the projection of video and photo images. I thought the puppet was a bit overused and it would have been betterĀ if the puppeteers had worn black gloves. The pacing could have been tighter at certain parts of the show. On the whole, it was a good adaptation of a Murakami book and definitely better than the movie adaptation of Norwegian Wood. I’m now tempted to re-read the book but don’t know if I have time for the 607 pages!