Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Gang Kids Roll Call!

Viv and Yun were back in Singapore recently so we had a meet-up at Juan’s place on Saturday. Really nice to see the kids running around and playing together! Almost all the kids were there and we were only missing Alex (#3) who didn’t want to come and play with the rest and Ian (#10) who is in the US. We now have 10 boys and 2 girls in the gang! There are 3 people currently pregnant so we will be adding another 2 boys (gender of the 3rd baby is still undetermined) to the mix! Can we have more girls please?

#1 Samuel & #2 Reuel

#4 Jayden

#5 Anya

#6 Daniel

#7 Sophia

#8 Jotham

#9 Kenji

#11 Adam

#12 Joel

Look how much they have grown since our previous roll call!