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Singapore Philatelic Museum Open House

We went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum today for their Children’s Season 2012 Open House. There were craft activities, quizzes and storytelling for the kids. Anya was initially quite keen to do some colouring for her dragon puppet but was disappointed that there were only colour pencils available. She’s not so good with or interested in colouring with colour pencils so I ended up making most of the dragon puppet on my own! The craft activities are more suitable for older kids because the dragon pictures are quite complicated to colour and there’s some cutting involved.

Singapore Philatelic Museum

the Open House programme

with Baby Emily who’s covered in postage stamps


We enjoyed walking around The Adventures of Tintin and Imagine Dragons exhibits. I must confess that I haven’t really read any Tintin comics but I think the exhibit is very interesting! There’s a good mix of stamps, books and even toys put together and I think the centrepiece of rugged-looking crates really adds to the atmosphere.

I love how they use stamps to explore the different myths and legends of dragons from all over the world in the latter exhibit. The exhibit is also quite interactive with stamp magnets to move around on a world map, little doors to open and close, cubes with velcro to stick onto the wall, etc. Anya’s favourite bits were the dragon boat and the little archaeological dig station.¬†She heard the dragon boat drum from the 1st floor and was very excited to climb on and beat the drum to her heart’s content. She also went quite mad excavating dinosaur bones so we literally had to drag her away!

lovely set-up for the Tintin exhibit

craning to see the comic books

excavating dinosaur bones

little drummer girl

with the laziest dragon boat rower in the world

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The Singapore Philatelic Museum Children’s Season 2012 Open House continues tomorrow, 3 June, from 9am to 5pm.