Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

Our Music Studio Trial Classes

Anya attended trial classes at Our Music Studio yesterday and the Saturday before that. We’ve decided that we don’t want to go with the Yamaha system for now and instead want something to encourage her interest and enthusiasm in music. Our Music Studio is pretty much what we’re looking for at this point of time and they have a similar concept to Kindermusik.

When I attended the trial class with her on Saturday, the lesson was on animals and on making loud and soft sounds. After playing with balls as a warm-up and singing the hello song, the children were given a drum each and guided to make different kinds of loud and soft sounds based on a repetitive rhyme about mice coming out to look for food. Anya really loves being able to play with the different instruments. I liked how the teacher got the kids to pass the drums around so that they could try out the different drums.

After the drums, the teacher got the kids to gallop around the class like horses to the beat of a wooden mallet instrument before letting them play with the wooden instruments as well. Anya is going through a phase where she can be very self-conscious and sometimes she doesn’t want to draw attention to herself in any way so she remained firmly seated while most of the other kids galloped around. I’ve learnt that it doesn’t help to force her to participate if she doesn’t want to so instead I just try to encourage her as much as I can.

This was followed by some driving around with cardboard steering wheels and then a song about farm animals and the sounds they make with the kids getting one farm animal puppet each and being responsible for making that animal’s sound. Finally, the kids were guided to play a donkey song on the xylophone before the parents were invited into the room to see what the kids had learnt for the day and to participate in some music-making.

We signed up for the rest of the term because Anya really seems to enjoy the lessons and the teachers are very patient and encouraging. I’m hoping she becomes less self-conscious and starts participating in all the activities!

playing with many different types of drums

driving around

playing some donkey song on the xylophone

waiting for the parents to come in

battering the bongos