Daily Archives: June 9, 2012

Asian Civilisations Museum Open House

We went to the Asian Civilisations Museum today for their Children’s Season 2012 Open House. It was incredibly crowded!! There were many activities for the kids including craft, dress-up, guided tours and some cultural performances. We got there at about 2.30pm and wanted to register for a guided tour but the tours were booked solid till 5pm so we went to do some craft at the River Room instead. There were SO many children in the room and we only managed to make a shadow puppet. Wanted to do some pottery but there just weren’t enough seats.

colouring her shadow puppet

doing a little puppet show

After the craft activities, we went down to the first floor and Anya dressed up as a little royal princess. Then we went to explore Count to Ten!, a very kid-friendly hands-on gallery for children to learn about Asian culture. Anya had quite a bit of fun in that little room.

little princess wanna-be

what would Marco Polo do?

she liked this Hudoq mask

checking out the animals that make up a makara

rearranging some cushions with pictures of artefacts on them

exploring the shapes that make up a Jali screen

chasing her father around with the Hudoq mask

We wanted to walk around the galleries but it was a bit too crowded for our liking so we decided that we would probably go back another day! After doing a little bit more colouring at the entrance of the museum, we went off and had ice-cream.

some communal colouring outside the museum

The Asian Civilisation Open House continues tomorrow, 10 June, with free admission from 9am to 7pm and activities from 1-6pm.