Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

The Rink at JCube

We brought Anya ice skating at The Rink in JCube mall on Monday. The smallest size of ice skates they have (size 27) are two sizes too big for her and she must have been quite uncomfortable in them but she didn’t complain. It was her very first time ice skating and she wasn’t very good at balancing on the ice. She was slipping and sliding all over the ice and could barely even stand still without falling down.

Since it’s the school holidays, The Rink was very packed that morning and not the best environment for people learning to ice skate. We had to stay in the centre and not get in the way of those ice skating. We did see quite a lot of children (and some adults) having lessons on the ice in small groups before the official opening time though.

We thought Anya would get frustrated after 10 minutes and give up but she wanted to stay on the ice and we were there for about an hour with short breaks in between. By the end, she was much better and could stand on her own for very short periods without falling down. It was quite an expensive session and we spent about $60 for the three of us but she had fun and wants to go back again!

The Rink

watching the people learning to skate

staring at her oversized skates

waiting for a suitable interval to enter

slipping and sliding

a picture of us three

slipping and sliding again