Lombok: Our First Night

The husband and I went to Lombok for a short holiday last week. We arrived in Lombok on Monday evening and were driven to Jeeva Klui Resort. It was quite a long drive, so after arriving and checking in, we had a good dinner at The Waroeng.

We ordered a Sasak cuisine set for two: nasi bakul (steam rice in bamboo basket), rendang sapi (braised beef with red curry sauce), ayam taliwang (grilled marinated baby chicken), udang bakar klui (grilled prawn with chilli dip), sate ikan lilit (minced fish satay), urap sayuran (mixed vegetables with spicy grated coconut), beberuq (spicy baby eggplant and long bean), pelecing kangkung (water spinach and raw sambal uleq) and dadar gulung (stuffed pandan crepes with sweet grated coconut).

the airport

checking in

The Waroeng

view from The Waroeng

traditional Sasak cuisine for two

I think he likes what he sees

a walk outside



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