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Peranakan Museum Children’s Season 2012 Weekend Festival

We went to the Peranakan Museum today for their Children’s Season 2012 Weekend Festival. It was quite packed but we managed to do some activities and walk around. Firstly, we got all dressed up in sarong kebayas. We bumped into Susan who was there at the same time and we took some photos together. Last year, they had a nice backdrop that people could take photos against but the activity room was quite a crowded mess this year and we had to take our photos in some random small corner.

Peranakan Museum

Anya in a green and purple kebaya

a sarong kebaya shot with Susan

There was a puppet making activity but we decided to give it a miss since we just did something similar at ACM the previous week and we also skipped the pineapple tart making session. But we did some printing and stamping and Anya tried playing congkak. I think she was more interested in the marbles than in how to play the game properly!

We also sat in for a storytelling session and A Peek into the World of Puppetry. The latter was an interesting presentation on various puppets and there were video clips to show the puppeteers in action. Anya was quite fascinated by all the different types of puppets.

getting a print made

helping to turn the handle of the press

trying to play congkak

storytelling session

presentation on puppets

stamping around

I really like the current Emily of Emerald Hill exhibition that blends Peranakan outfits and furniture with costumes, photographs and lines from the play as well as Stella Kon’s own photographs and other materials. We watched Margaret Chan as Emily at Victoria Theatre two years ago and it was a fantastic performance. I hope to go back to Peranakan Museum and spend more time looking at the exhibition without the kids around!

kebaya and cupboard

remembering Margaret Chan as Emily

I’m wondering why all the Children’s Season activities (except the ones at National Museum and SAM) are only being held on the weekends when they should be spreading out to some of the weekdays since it’s the school holidays. I’m sure there are parents who are not working or who have taken leave for part of the holidays so perhaps the activities can be from Friday to Sunday so that it won’t be crazy crowded the entire weekend. Peranakan Museum had Drop-In Wednesdays during the Children’s Season last year and they were very well-attended. I really hope to see more Children’s Season activities being held on weekdays next year.

The Peranakan Museum Children’s Season Weekend Festival continues tomorrow, 17 June, from 12-5pm.