Daily Archives: June 17, 2012

Peter and Blue Go Around the World

ballet for kids

Last Saturday, Anya went to watch ‘Peter and Blue Go Around the World’, a ballet production for children by SDT. The original plan was for the mummies – Selena, Sharon and me – to take the three older cousins to watch the performance. But in the end, I had to attend a wedding lunch and Selena had to look after Ellery who wasn’t feeling well so we got the daddies to go instead.

The performance was about a boy Peter going on an adventure around the world with his dog Blue and his cat Calico. According to Adrian, the three daddies were bored to death during the performance. After the performance, he lamented to me, “Why did every dance have to be a ballet??” He also said that the kids were a bit restless and fidgety and that he felt that the concept of different countries/ continents was not easily grasped by 3-year-olds.

Anya said that she liked the performance and she was spinning around pretending to do ballet for some time after that. But there are so many other types of performances that she seems to enjoy more so I think I’m not going to bring her for any other dance performance until she’s older or unless she really pesters me to!