Daily Archives: June 18, 2012

Madagascar 3: Live Show & Movie

It’s been quite some time since Anya caught a movie so I decided that we would watch Madagascar 3 with my aunt. A couple of days before the movie, I brought her to Marina Square to catch the Madagascar 3 live show so that she would get excited about the movie and become familiar with some of the characters since she didn’t watch Madagascar and Madagascar 2. We arrived about 5 minutes before the 1pm show and managed to make it into the seating area.

The live show was very short. A circus ringmaster and a man dressed up as King Julien started the programme and got the kids to ‘move it, move it’, then Alex and two penguins came out and joined them and danced around for two short songs. Somewhere in between, they got three kids to go up on stage to do some simple circus tricks.

The movie was very entertaining and she was quite happy to watch it to the end. I think she was looking out mainly for the cannon that we saw on one of the movie posters because Adrian once told her that naughty children are fired from cannons. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit and I’m looking forward to our next movie outing!

circus ringmaster and King Julien

kids doing circus tricks

Alex and the penguins

can’t wait to watch the movie!

after the movie