Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Reflections for Adam’s Ninth and Tenth Month

My dear little one, you are ten months old today! I kinda forgot to do a post for your ninth month so I’m combining the two.

You now have your top and bottom front teeth bringing your total teeth count to four! Even with just four teeth, you seem determined to prove to us that you can eat ANYTHING! You get very upset and protest loudly during meal times if you don’t get to try what’s on our plate. So you get bits of bread, rice and udon or whatever is not too salty and won’t give you allergies. We also try to bring some baby food along for you and you get upset if you’re not fed quickly enough!

You are now very vocal and like to babble and shout excitedly. I’ve heard you making sounds like “ah ma” and “papapapa” so I’ve been trying to get you to say “Mama!” or something close.

You have lost some weight because you’ve been ill a few times (thanks to the germs your sister brings back from school) and also because you’re so active. You’re constantly on the move. We always have to keep an eye on you because you can crawl across around a room quite quickly to get your little hands on a dangerous object. You prefer to pull yourself up to a standing position and cruise around though. I wonder if you will walk earlier than your sister did!

You have also given us heart attacks by falling off the bed a few times. You don’t like to sleep in your cot now because you are at a particularly sticky stage where you like to be in contact with someone as you sleep.

I confess that I often leave you at home with your Ah Ma or your little Yee Po. You don’t always get to go out when your sister does. I do feel a bit guilty about that but I promise to bring you out more once you start walking!┬áSince you’re at the clingy stage, you want to be carried by your Ah Ma, little Yee Po or me all the time. If your daddy is carrying you and you see me, you protest till he hands you over to me.

I’m trying not to turn you into a Mummy’s Boy but you are so cute and cuddly now that I can’t resist. Hard to believe that you’re going to be 1 in two months’ time! We love you very much!

you like to sit in this red basket

playing Row Your Boat with your sister

relaxing like a boss at the Istana

attracted the attention of some photographers

chilling at POLW

after some water play

fascinated by the cake at SAM@8Q

playing with a box

with little Yee Po at Old School

protesting at the table

giving your sister a friendly smack on the face