Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Hi-5 at United Square

We went to watch Hi-5 at United Square on Friday! We got there about two hours before the show and since there was no sign of a queue forming, I went to Cotton On Kids to buy $30 worth of clothes to get a receipt to exchange for a photo pass.

We had a late breakfast at the toast place in the basement while I kept a sharp eye on the queue. It was quite confusing because there were two queues: one for the photo pass and one for the seating area! We decided to queue for a photo pass and then pop back into the queue for the seating area.

Anya was very patient throughout and I struck up a conversation with another mummy in the queue so the time went by quickly. It was our first time watching the new Hi-5 cast member, Dayen Zheng, in action. She’s very sweet but I think Anya misses Fely! The live show was really enjoyable as usual and Anya had a great time. Can’t wait to catch them at MBS in September!

in her Hi-5 tee accompanied by Jup Jup

yay for Hi-5!

dancing along

bye and see you in September!

photo with the group

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