Father’s Day Lunch at Greenwood Fish Market

On Father’s Day, we had lunch at Greenwood Fish Market. It’s been years since we were last there and they have expanded and are now on either side of Lana Cake Shop. The food is still very decent.

The fish & chips were well-received and I enjoyed my oysters tremendously. The mussels were juicy and sweet in white wine sauce and garlic. The seafood chowder was just ok but the seafood fettuccine was delicious in the champagne cream sauce. Best of all, martinis were going at $4.95 each!

deep fried calamari

seafood chowder

Coffin Bay oysters

Green Lip mussels

seafood fettuccine in champagne cream sauce

fish & chips

I think the two fathers there really deserved their Father’s Day lunch. My father-in-law is a caring father and grandpa. Whenever we go over to my in-laws’ place on Sundays, he ensures that the house is spick and span, cooks for us and helps to entertain the kids.

Adrian is a great daddy. He gave up weekend golf to spend time with me and the kids and he doesn’t complain even though I pack our weekends with all sorts of crazy activities. He single-handedly gets Anya ready for school every morning and listens to all her favourite songs on repeat in the car. He is very hands-on with the kids and a couple of times I’ve left him with both kids while I ran off to watch a play. He tells the kids all kinds of funny nonsensical stories and makes them laugh. We have lots of fun together as a family!

Grandpa, Adam and Fifi

Anya and her Nai Nai

feeding Adam

entertaining the grandchildren

a family pic with Anya being strange

daddy and son

Happy Father’s Day!

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