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Island Adventures at the National Museum of Singapore

We embarked on Island Adventures at the National Museum of Singapore on Wednesday and it was so much fun! This is part of Children’s Season 2012 and is on till 22 July.

at the museum

We started at the last stop first because it’s impossible for Anya to walk by a colouring station without sitting down and taking part. She picked a picture of the National Museum to colour and then spent some time sticking magnetic pictures of historical buildings onto the wall.

While she was doing that, I stood around and read about some of the featured buildings that are no longer around, such as Van Kleef Aquarium, National Theatre and the old National Library building. It’s sad that Anya won’t be able to go to the same library that I went to as a kid!

colouring historical buildings

Then it was Ahoy! All Aboard! as we went onto a ship to learn about the travellers that visited Singapore in the 19th Century, the things they brought along with them and the obstacles they had to overcome to get to Singapore.

This section was quite interactive: children could spin threads, turn a turbine to generate electricity, try spelling out words on a telegraph, play with gears and excavate coal and precious stones.

There was a small room with a map to show where the travellers came from and how they sailed to Singapore and then some peep holes to see the challenges that were faced by the travellers.

checking out some colourful dyes

learning about spinning

looking for coal and precious stones

trying to find me some diamonds

looking at a ship on fire

getting hold of a sailing vessel

After disembarking, we arrived at the Port City to experience life in the early days of Singapore’s growth and development.

Anya tried building a little kampong house, caught a lot of fish as a fisherman, mended shoes as a cobbler, cooked noodles as a roadside hawker, carried things up and down the ship as a coolie and wrote some gibberish as a letter writer. Then she did everything again. And again. She could have stayed in there forever!

what’s in box number one?

building a kampong house

catching enough fish for the whole kampong

mending broken shoes

cooking noodles

coolie unloading a ship

writing letters

Anya had a great time and she’s asked me to bring her again and I just might since there’s still about a month to go before it ends!

Entrance to Island Adventures is $5 but there’s free admission today and tomorrow (23 & 24 June) and on 21 & 22 July. There will also be roving acts with mysterious characters to meet, craft activities and storytelling sessions on these days.