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Green Living Workshop: How To Detoxify Your Toddler’s Menu

I attended a Green Living workshop on ‘How to Detoxify Your Toddler’s Menu’ with Sharon on Saturday. I’ve been looking forward to this workshop ever since I attend the one on ‘How to Create a Non-Toxic Home’ back in March. The workshop was held at Bettr Barista Coffee Academy.

a good cuppa to start us off

We started off with some doom and gloom. Delphinia of Four Cow Farm took us through the scary things that we can find in the food we eat every day. She talked about GM food, the use of antibiotics in livestock, hormones, pesticides and other scary things about how our food is grown and raised. Then, we looked at some of the items that we commonly find in our kitchens and the fat, sugar and additives that are found in them.

I was quite shocked to discover that a small pack of low-fat chocolate milk contains about 5 teaspoons of sugar when the recommended daily allowance for a typical toddler is only 3 teaspoons of sugar!

It was all very informative but also highly depressing! Fortunately, Militzia of Our Little Green Dot was there to save the day and give us some hope.

what my kitchen should look like

what my kitchen actually looks like

Del giving us the bad news

Militzia showing us how to prepare healthier meals

Militzia showed us what we should stock up in our kitchens and shared some tricks to make the preparation of healthier meals that much easier. Little steps like portioning out and freezing herbs and vegetables can go a long way.

We looked at some ways to create healthy versions of snacks and meals that toddlers love which are usually laden with sugar and fat. I was particularly interested in this part of the workshop because Anya eats so much junk!

unexpectedly delicious kale chips

some healthier options and wholemeal & almond meal pancakes

the homemade nut butter has 95% nuts, the commercial option has 13%

After listening to Del and Militzia, we were given a chance to make some healthy snacks of our own to take home with us.

We made a pancake mix from wholemeal and almond meal flour and a mango lime fizz drink. I’m thinking of making a few bottles of the latter to leave in my parents’ fridge because my dad’s always buying sweet drinks for Anya!

Sharon preparing her pancake mix

finished products

glad we came!

I’m really glad I attended this workshop and I can’t wait to try out the many tips and recipes that Del and Militzia prepared for us. I would definitely recommend this workshop to any mother hoping to prepare healthier meals!

There will be a repeat of the Green Living workshop on ‘How to Create a Non-Toxic Home’ this Thursday so check out their Facebook page for more information.