Daily Archives: June 26, 2012

Carpenter and Cook

We made our way down to Carpenter and Cook on Sunday morning for some light bites. It’s just a 5-minute drive from our place and it’s such a whimsical little cafe!

I love the retro lights and tiles, the mismatched furniture, the bunting and all the quirky vintage knick-knacks. Carpenter and Cook is also a home store and the furniture and decor items are for sale.

Carpenter & Cook

love the filing cabinet in the corner

cute weighing scales and vintage biscuit tins

cash register

We sat at a table with creaky spin-out chairs near the entrance and had a great view of all the freshly-baked yummy food on the counter.

We tried a few items and they were all pretty decent. I really like the tarts, especially the lemon cream tart. Carpenter and Cook makes a good crust!

iced chocolate

latte and cute sugar container

bacon and mushroom quiche

brioche with bacon and mushroom (we love bacon)

orange-drizzled poppy seed loaf cake and frangipane tart

I saw a familiar face behind the counter while we were there and although we were only in the same school in Primary 1 and 2, I remembered her name! Eunice is one of the three ladies behind Carpenter and Cook.

While it is a bit pricey, I do like some of their items very much and the proximity is a definite bonus. It gets very crowded on weekends though so I’ll probably keep my visits to the weekdays.

think some retro high chairs would look better

sharing the brioche

the 3As looking at each other

love the take-out packaging

tweedle dee (or dum?) and friend

Carpenter and Cook is at 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120. Opening hours: Tue-Fri, 12-10pm; Sat 10am-10pm & Sun 10am-7pm.