Henry Congressional

I’m quite an emo nemo and I always feel a little sad when a familiar place is sold en bloc. Henry Park Apartments has a special place in my heart because Anya used to visit Kinder Clinic for all her jabs and check-ups and we spent many Mondays there waiting for Dr Terence Tan.

We dropped by Henry Park Apartments this morning to check out Henry Congressional. We tried the pandan chiffon cake and the dark cloud chocolate cookie. The former is light, fragrant and fluffy and the latter soft and rich.

It’s a strange bittersweet feeling visiting a place in the knowledge that it will cease to exist in seven months’ time. Somewhere in there is a message about our own mortality and limited lifespan.

beggar child

Henry Congressional

the writing on the wall

drown your sorrows

life is a candle in the wind

everything is temporary

sit tight

save up

drink up

dig in

dark cloud on the horizon

Henry Congressional is at 44 Holland Grove Road. Opening hours are 8am-10pm on Wed & Thu, 8am-12am on Fri and 10am-12am on Sat & Sun. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Henry Congressional

  1. tomi

    That is a pity the apartments will go. I remember trips to Milano pizza for dinner as a special treat when we used live around there.

    Still the cafe look nice, and that iced coffee As well.

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  3. eatableprints

    Hi Delphine, it’s a coincidence that we visited the cafe on the same Sunday. Your daughter was sitting next to me and I got to say she’s really a little cutie!



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