Goods of Desire – Now in Singapore!

I’m grinning like an idiot in the picture because Goods of Desire (住好啲) is finally in Singapore! I love their designs which celebrate Hong Kong’s culture and are based on ordinary everyday things like newspapers and letter boxes.

I was really happy to read the article on Singapore-themed products in Sunday’s Lifestyle because we are finally moving away from kitschy tourist souvenirs and merlions. Hopefully, those talented designers will be able to collaborate and we’ll eventually have our own version of G.O.D.

Today was the official opening of G.O.D. at Central and I just had to pop down and walk around. They were encouraging people to take a shot at their photo booth so I did (hence the picture above). I wanted to buy a million different things but decided to pace myself and only got the Good Morning towel bathroom mat that I’d been eyeing since we were in HK last March.

display on the ground floor of Central

I love their Double Happiness range

umbrellas on an old bike

super want this cream crackers tissue box holder!

wine carriers disguised as old flasks

bought the Good Morning towel bathroom mat

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