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Second Visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery

Went to Bukit Brown Cemetery for a short visit yesterday. It was quite depressing to see the notice of exhumation and the many, many graves that have been marked for exhumation.

I visited two areas of interest on Hill 2: a cluster of 1830s graves and the grave belonging to the grandparents of Rosalind Tan.

Based on what I read here, the tomb of Mr & Mrs Tan Yong Thian is an example of a Teochew tomb and has a different design from the predominantly Hokkien tombs at Bukit Brown. This tomb is just slightly above the boundary of the tombs slated for exhumation and will probably have a good view of the new proposed highway.

I also spent some time taking photos of the beautiful Peranakan tiles found on several of the graves. These tiles were favoured by the wealthy and, of course, the Peranakans.

Bukit Brown Cemetery

Notice of Exhumation

cluster of tombs from the 1830s

dark & light green tiles with pink roses

cream with red flower, green with small red roses, blue with red roses

blue, brown and yellow tiles

dark & light blue tiles with pink roses

very pretty tiles on this tomb which is due for exhumation

a tiled tomb

tomb of Mr & Mrs Tan Yong Thian

closer look at the tiles

peacock tile at the side

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