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Anya’s School Excursion – K9 Kulture

On Wednesday, we visited K9 Kulture, a training and daycare facility for dogs. It started to rain while the bus was making its way from the school to K9 Kulture, but with so many little children singing “Rain Rain Go Away” and asking Jesus to stop the rain, we had fine weather for our activities there!

K9 Kulture

happy little kids

Our first station was a short photo-taking session with two little dogs. Anya has been learning about animals in school but is a little bit scared of dogs.

She was initially quite hesitant to take photos with the dogs but warmed up quite quickly and was soon happily patting the smaller dogs.

not too keen on going near the dog

suddenly deciding that the dogs were harmless

At the next station, we watched as a border collie made her way through and over obstacles like tubes and hoops. Then, the kids took turns to throw a tennis ball for the dog to fetch.

a very energetic dog

Anya throwing a ball for the dog

After that, the kids were tasked to draw a picture of a pug. Anya did quite a nice picture of a green dog and also drew a blue rabbit.

The kids then had a chance to walk a dog. Anya decided to walk the bulldog and not the golden retriever because the latter was rather big.

“draw me like one of your French poodles…”

blue rabbit

getting a feel of the leash

looking a little nervous

Finally, the kids got to feed some dogs and then feed themselves before we made our way back to school. It was a really interesting excursion and while we don’t plan on adopting a dog any time soon, I think it’s great that Anya is a lot more comfortable with dogs now.

two handsome dogs

snack time!

hot dogs!