Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

The Polliwogs at Robertson Walk

Was wondering what to do with Anya last Wednesday afternoon when I read a fellow mummy blogger’s entry on the new Polliwogs at Robertson Walk.

I like The Polliwogs at East Coast Park but it’s a bit far for us and there are always too many people there so I’m really glad there’s now a branch at Robertson Walk. There are many similar features, but for now, I prefer the Robertson Walk branch because it is a lot less crowded.

There’s a decent toddler play area which looked interesting enough for Anya to want to check out. She spent some time sitting in the spinning tower declaring that she was in a rocket ship. I like that the toddler area is clearly separated from the main playground. At the East Coast branch, it is way too easy for the bigger kids to invade the toddler area and harrass the little ones.

There are plenty of obstacles and tunnels for the kids to crawl over and through and a nice big slide that leads to the ball pit. There’s also a shooting area and Anya spent a large part of her time collecting and shooting little spongy balls. Adrian joined us halfway so they decided to use me for target practice!

We had a fun time there and would love to go back before it gets too crowded and chaotic. It would be a great place to hang out before or after a performance at the DBS Arts Centre.

rushing up to the top


jumping on the water trampoline

slowing down for a bit

climbing mountains

giving mummy an obligatory smile

ganging up with daddy to attack me!

in a tunnel

toddler play area