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Woori Nara Korean Restaurant

Shan’s back in Singapore for a bit so we met up with her for dinner at Woori Nara. I’ve been to the restaurant a few times and it serves simple, but satisfying, Korean fare.

The fried chicken at Woori Nara is really quite yummy, especially the appropriately-named Yum Yum Chicken. The other thing I really like is the sausage stew which is like an army dish stew that comes with all sorts of processed meats: sausages, spam and corned beef.

The seafood pancake is a comfort food type of dish and the bibimbap is pretty decent but some of the others found the rice too mushy. I actually like that the texture is slightly mushy so no complaints from me!

While the food at Woori Nara is not mind-blowing, it’s definitely good enough for us to want to go back. However, we may not be able to because Adam decided to vomit spectacularly at the end of the meal so we are probably banned for life. :(


seafood pancake

sampler of fried chicken

yum yum chicken

some fish thing

sausage stew

pan fried beef


with Nav and Shan

the rest

Woori Nara is at 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-02.