Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

Rock On!

We went rock climbing on Sunday! Pamela, a fellow mummy blogger, had organised a rock climbing session at Beyond Academics. We didn’t think that Anya would want to climb but decided to show up and hope for the best.

the rock wall

As expected, Anya took one look at the 8-metre high rock wall and refused to climb. She wouldn’t even go near the wall to watch the other people climbing.

So when Asher was climbing with Selena, we commented on how brave he was and how he was trying so hard to make it up the wall and asked her if she wanted to be like her cousin.

Asher & Selena

When she saw that Asher was doing okay with the rock climbing, she decided that she wanted to be a brave pirate and give it a go!

She put on the harness and carefully made her way up the wall with some support from her father. She didn’t make it very far, just above the head level of the adults, but she was happy and there was such a look of accomplishment on her face.

putting on the harness

taking her first steps up the wall

little barnacle

looking down

being lowered into daddy’s arms


After climbing, she scampered off to play and didn’t bother to watch her parents climb.

Adrian and I climbed side by side and, just for the record, I made it up the wall faster than him! Then again, I had ensured that I was on the slightly easier side. Heh.

It was pretty manageable until we got to the overhang. My pathetic weak arms were betrayed by my low centre of gravity and turned to jelly so I couldn’t make it all the way up. But it was such fun!

ready to climb

taking the lead the cheaterbug way

almost at the top

We had such a great time rock climbing as a family. It’s a fabulous confidence-booster for kids and I’m so proud of Anya for trying it despite her reservations.

Beyond Academics offers several climbing packages so grab your family and friends and check them out for a birthday party or company bonding session. It’s definitely more fun than hitting the gym for sure!